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High Quality Earbuds & Speakers - Our Sound Speaks For Itself!

When you purchase a FLY Wear Bluetooth Beanie or Cap, you not only purchase a functional headwear piece to accessorise your outfit, but you also purchase a high quality sound system.

Our customers are constantly surprised at the quality of our speakers and earbuds.

"Your product is incredibly good. I did a side by side comparison between the speakers in my beanie and my Denon AH-7100 headphones and they were incredibly similar. I've shown my beanie to my friends who are all interested. I've got to say your product has been very well designed" Teyh

"The sound quality is very good and exceeded my expectations" Niresh

"Shocked at the quality of sound - never expected such good quality at such an affordable price " Sharon

Order yours now and experience it for yourself.



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