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Young Mbazo

Young Mbazo is the 3rd generation of Amambazo whose mission and music is still the same as their legendary fathers and grandfathers from Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Their mission is to spread the message of peace, love and harmony to the world.

The Young Mbazo experience is a journey of traditional Isicathamiya with a hip-hop, R&B, jazz and soul influence, and they continue to gain fans all around the world. 

Young Mbazo is currently in studio working on their debut compilation while they continue to entertain at functions and venues in and around KwaZulu Natal.

Having recently won KZN Young Achievers Award for Best Traditional Music Group - we are sure they have made their fathers very proud.

We wish them God's blessings and favor as they continue in their music career and continue their father's legacy. 

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