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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my FLY Wear product work with all devices?
It will work with all devices that have Bluetooth.
How do I pair my device with my FLY Wear product?
Simply hold down the middle button for 5 seconds until you see a red/blue flashing light. Then open your Bluetooth settings on your device and select “Bluetooth Beanie or Cap”. Alternatively if a password is requested please use the default “0000”. You will now be connected!
When I turn on my FLY Wear product, and my Bluetooth is enabled on my device, will it automatically connect?
How far away can I be from my device when using my FLY Wear product?
Up to 10m away.
How do I turn on/off my FLY Wear product?
To switch on, hold down the middle button for 3 seconds. Once it is on the blue LED light will start flashing. To switch off, hold down the middle button for 3 seconds and when the solid red light comes on – release the button and the product will be switched off.
How do I take a call and end a call?
When a call comes in you simply press the middle button to connect, alternatively press the middle button to disconnect. (If you are listening to music when you receive a call, the music will stop playing)
How do I listen to my music?
Select your music as normal on your device. To skip to the next song lightly/quickly press the + button and to skip to the previous song lightly/quickly press the – button.
How do I increase or decrease the volume?
To increase the volume hold down the + button and to decrease the volume hold down the – button.
Can other people listen to my calls?
No, your FLY Wear product will only work with your phone at any given time.
How long will the battery last?
 The battery will last for up to 6 hours talk/play or 60 hours on standby.
How do I charge my FLY Wear product?
Using the supplied USB cable simply plug into the port, at the bottom of the control board, now plug the opposite end into your PC/laptop. During charge a red light will display on the control board, when charging is complete the light will turn off. The charge time is +- 1.5 hours.
Can I wash my FLY Wear product?
Yes you can wash it by hand but first remove the complete unit, including the speakers, carefully.
What precautions should I take when using my FLY Wear?
Treat your FLY Wear product as you would normally treat your cell phone.


Never immerse into water, do not use in areas where cell phones are prohibited i.e. petrol stations, refineries, and do not operate near flammable material. Do not tamper with, alter or dismantle in any way.

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